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The Money School Podcast shares the secrets of the wealthy, so you learn how money really works and take back control of your life!

You'll hear the inside story of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors... breaking down how they got started, how they think about money, how they put money to work for them, and how you can change your life simply by doing ONE thing differently with the money you already have.

Through the podcast, you'll become your own bank - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. After all, building wealth isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. 

Hosted by Chris Naugle, former pro snowboarder turned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and money mentor, this podcast has one mission - to show you how money really works so you can reclaim control of your life!

Mar 21, 2024

When a door gets slammed in your face, it’s easy to think the game is rigged against you, but what if it’s setting you up for your ultimate purpose and passion?


When William Denis’ lifelong Wall Street dream was cut short, he thought a door had been closed, But ultimately, this implosion ended up leading to a path where he can make the most impact. Through his journey, he found a highly underserved niche where he can truly give value.


How did he go all in on his entrepreneurial dream? What did he do to truly level up in his business and life? In this episode, I’m joined by the investor, entrepreneur and coach. He talks about his journey and the most important wealth lessons we can put into practice.


You can’t negotiate with yourself, if you say you’re going to do something, do it and do it well. -William Denis


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


-Give, give and give some more

Why was William willing to give up 50% of his business to his mentors and how did it set him up for massive success?


-Learn to delay gratification

Willpower is great, but it’s no use if it’s not backed by discipline. What steps did William take to transform his mindset and actions?  


-Feed the Universe

How did William zero in on a hugely underserved market and start providing value? 


Guest Bio:

Willy Denis is an investor, entrepreneur and coach who teaches people how to wholesale real estate. For more information, head to and follow @‌willynumbers on Instagram.