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The Money School Podcast shares the secrets of the wealthy, so you learn how money really works and take back control of your life!

You'll hear the inside story of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors... breaking down how they got started, how they think about money, how they put money to work for them, and how you can change your life simply by doing ONE thing differently with the money you already have.

Through the podcast, you'll become your own bank - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. After all, building wealth isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. 

Hosted by Chris Naugle, former pro snowboarder turned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and money mentor, this podcast has one mission - to show you how money really works so you can reclaim control of your life!

Mar 4, 2021

Personal funding doesn’t have to be the barrier that keeps us from becoming real estate investors. One alternate strategy is to tap into other people’s money, and we can only do that if we learn to be good stewards of investor capital. 


Delivering for our investors has to be the most important thing, and at the top of our list of priorities in business. If we set up a win-win scenario for all parties involved, we will never run out of sources of capital and investment opportunities. 


What are some of the ways we can build trust and credibility with investors? How can investors prepare for what’s coming in the market?


In this episode, I’m joined by real estate entrepreneur Devin Elder. He shares how he built his business from the ground up to over 2000 doors. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why we shouldn't focus on the cost of capital, but on the opportunity

People get hung up on the cost of capital, but it’s not the cost of capital that we need to be focused on, it’s access to capital. If you don’t have access to capital, you’re not going to be able to get started. Consider the cost to your business of not doing the deal in the first place.


How to create massive trust and credibility 

If we create trust and credibility with our investors, we create the opportunity to do more deals. One of the most powerful things Devin does is paying his investors a week early. The impact this simple action has on an investor’s psychology and trust level is something we can’t buy. 


How to dial in one model so that it works for us

The mechanics of multifamily are pretty straight forward, and once the machine is running well, our focus needs to be scaling this winning formula. We often get tempted to get into other investing structures, but we should only do that when the first financial source is dialed in.



Guest Bio- 


Devin Elder is a San Antonio, Texas native, Real Estate entrepreneur, and founder of DJE Texas Group. After graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio, he worked for Rackspace, Acelity, and a handful of other small tech companies in Sales, Management, and Operations roles before founding DJE Texas Management Group and transitioning full time to Real Estate entrepreneurship.


Today, Devin Elder is a principal in a number of Real Estate investment companies and owns a portfolio of over 600 units of multifamily investment properties.


Mr. Elder has been a featured guest on some of the world’s leading investment podcasts, Business Insider, and various television programs discussing Real Estate investing.


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