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The Money School Podcast shares the secrets of the wealthy, so you learn how money really works and take back control of your life!

You'll hear the inside story of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors... breaking down how they got started, how they think about money, how they put money to work for them, and how you can change your life simply by doing ONE thing differently with the money you already have.

Through the podcast, you'll become your own bank - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. After all, building wealth isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. 

Hosted by Chris Naugle, former pro snowboarder turned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and money mentor, this podcast has one mission - to show you how money really works so you can reclaim control of your life!

Apr 30, 2020

It’s always inspiring to see a young person go after their goals and grow in their skills. Our guest today is a 25 year old Realtor from Toronto who is doing really well, and proving that taking action is important when it comes to the real estate journey. 


This is especially true in a market like Toronto, which is...

Apr 23, 2020

For many people, what’s happening in the market right now comes as a shock, but for anyone who has been paying attention, this crash was long overdue. 


The stock market is cyclical, meaning that it’s somewhat predictable. There were certain clues that alluded to the fact that the market was about shift and...

Apr 16, 2020

The Infinite Banking system proves that a basic financial process applied to one specific tool can change everything. It’s a concept that can unlock financial momentum for anyone who uses it, but the sad truth is many people have limiting beliefs around whether they can even start using the system. 


Both me and our...

Apr 9, 2020

There’s a financial system that unlocks wealth-building, debt-freedom and our financial goals, but we don’t hear much about it. It’s possible to implement this system and get these results without additional effort, taking on any more risk or giving up any control. 


How does the Infinite Banking System work, and...

Apr 2, 2020

With the rise of wealth transfer, many people find themselves trapped with having to pay capital gains tax or having to buy a property in the very narrow, high-pressure window of a 1031 exchange. What can go wrong when you try to adhere to the 1031 rules? How can a tax deferral increase our liquidity and reduce our...