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The Money School Podcast shares the secrets of the wealthy, so you learn how money really works and take back control of your life!

You'll hear the inside story of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors... breaking down how they got started, how they think about money, how they put money to work for them, and how you can change your life simply by doing ONE thing differently with the money you already have.

Through the podcast, you'll become your own bank - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. After all, building wealth isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. 

Hosted by Chris Naugle, former pro snowboarder turned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and money mentor, this podcast has one mission - to show you how money really works so you can reclaim control of your life!

May 24, 2019

While it is okay to fail, it’s a good idea to make sure the money side of your business is in order. How can you put your finances in order? How should you approach potential partners for your business?

On this episode, real estate investor and host of the Flip Talk podcast, Don Costa shares his secrets to success.


You have to have a mindset of control. -Don Costa


Three Things We Learned

Failure isn’t the end

Sometimes, the decisions we make in business are not the best ones. However, remember that most successful business owners have failed at some point. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, but end up propelling you in the right direction in the long run.

Money is all around you

There is no shortage of money available. To get it, you need to be telling people about what you’re doing. Make sure people know you’re open for business. However, steer clear of asking for money. Doing this will put you at an immediate disadvantage.

Know when to say no

Don’t take any opportunity purely because someone is offering you money. Make sure all potential partners are a good fit for you. In most cases, when you’re up front about your criteria, when everything is in alignment, those same partners will jump at the opportunity to work with you.


Something that holds most business owners back is the belief that there is a shortage of money. Because of this belief, there are times when entrepreneurs will take on work they should not, or spend their time asking for money. Don’t fall into this trap. Enter all opportunities with the knowledge that you bring value to the table, and will find the right partner or investor for you.