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The Money School Podcast shares the secrets of the wealthy, so you learn how money really works and take back control of your life!

You'll hear the inside story of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors... breaking down how they got started, how they think about money, how they put money to work for them, and how you can change your life simply by doing ONE thing differently with the money you already have.

Through the podcast, you'll become your own bank - mastering how money really works - so you can use it to gain the upper hand and take command of your finances. After all, building wealth isn't about resources, it's about being resourceful. 

Hosted by Chris Naugle, former pro snowboarder turned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and money mentor, this podcast has one mission - to show you how money really works so you can reclaim control of your life!

Aug 26, 2021

Success is a play in 4 acts; knowing what you want, believing you can do it, believing you’re worthy of it and then going out to get it. Most people only get 2 steps in before giving up, and you can blame the subconscious for this!


90% of the time, we operate on a subconscious level, and that part of us can either help us reach our dreams or sabotage us. If we want to turn a vision into a tangible reality, we have to work both internally and externally to spark the action. 


How do we consistently reinforce our vision through our inputs? What is microshifting, and how can we use it to create new outcomes? 


In this episode, I’m joined by motivational speaker, best-selling author, business and life coach, Daniel Mangena. He talks about his journey, from starting his first business at 16 before losing it all, and how to create abundance. 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


How to dream with your eyes open 

Goals, dreams, aspirations, prayers, intentions, ideas, and hopes start in our hearts - what steps do we need to take to make them real?


How to change your outcomes in small steps 

What steps can you take to break your macro-dreams into micro-actions you can commit to every single day?


The profound moments that took us out of crisis and into purpose 

Every successful person has had dark days. How do they dig themselves out of it and move closer to the life they want?



Guest Bio- 


Daniel Mangena is Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Writer, Podcaster, Business and Life Coach. His mission is to enable as many people as possible to live a life of abundance, joy and purpose. Through his various programs, materials and one-on-one coaching; he offers something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're starting with nothing, or even if you have a lot of debt: Daniel can help.


Whatever your dream life looks like - Daniel wants to empower you to move towards it with confidence and assuredness that it is inevitable. And it doesn't have to cost you a penny! His FREE resources, podcasts and blog articles, could just be the final pieces of the puzzle for you!


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